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China's top ten famous Yue Ji Flower

Chinese rose

Yue Ji Flower, its Latin scientific name is Rosa chinensis Jacq. English name is Chinese Rose. There are many nicknames for rose flowers, including Yueyuehong, Yueyuehua, Periwinkle, Four-season Flower, and Shengchun, belonging to the plant kingdom, Angiosperm, Dicotyledon, Rosales, Rosaceae. The rose flower began in 1768 and has a long history. It is a flower species only owned by China. Rose flower was once rated as the fifth place among China's top ten famous flowers by the country, and it is highly valued by the country. Next, let us learn about the related content of rose flower!

Rosa chinensis Jacq. (scientific name: Rosa chinensis Jacq.): Known as the queen of flowers, also known as "Yueyuehong", it is an evergreen and semi-evergreen low shrub that blooms in all seasons, usually red or pink, occasionally white And yellow, can be used as an ornamental plant, can also be used as a medicinal plant, also known as rose. There are three natural varieties. The modern rose has a variety of flower types, including single and double petals, as well as beautiful flowers such as high-center curling; its colors are gorgeous and rich, not only red, pink, yellow, white and other single colors, but also mixed colors , Yinbian and other varieties; most varieties are aromatic. There are many varieties of Chinese rose. There are nearly ten thousand species in the world, and there are more than one thousand species in China. The natural flowering period is from August to April of the following year. The flowers become large, from the inside to the outside, showing a divergent type, with a strong fragrance, and can be widely used in horticulture and cut flowers. The rose is highly adaptable, cold-resistant and cold-resistant. It can be planted or potted. It is suitable for beautifying gardens, decorating gardens, arranging flower beds, arranging flower hedges and flower stands. Plant flower baskets, and the rose flowers can extract the essence and be used as medicine. It also has good anti-fungal and synergistic anti-drug-resistant fungal activity. Red cut flowers have become one of the gifts that lovers must give and become the subject of love poems.

The breeding methods and precautions of Yue Ji Flower

Flower pots for cultivation should be water-permeable and air-permeable. Ordinary clay pots are better, with exquisite ceramic pots on the outside to increase beauty. It is best to soak a new mud pot with water before use. Use small 15 cm pots for freshly cut seedlings, 18-20 cm pots for 1-2 year old seedlings, and gradually replace large pots with plant growth. Roses like fertile and moist soil. They are afraid of drought and stagnant water. They must choose sandy loam with loose soil, rich organic matter, good drainage and aeration, and water and fertility retention. The pH value can be planted in the range of pH 5.6-7.2, but the slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soils of 6.8-7.2 are better. The cultivation soil can be 5 parts garden soil, 3 parts garbage soil, 2 parts hulled ash, plus appropriate amount of vegetable cake. Or use 4 parts of horse manure, 4 parts of garden soil, 2 parts of river sand, plus a little vegetable cake and bone meal.

Time to prune Yue Ji Flower

Rose flowers generally need to be pruned many times a year, so that they can bloom more, bloom better, and grow better. Generally, pruning is carried out once every December when the rose flowers and leaves fall. At this time, it is re-pruning, leaving only 15cm of the plant, and cutting off the diseased branches on the plant. The second thing is to trim it after flowering. Generally, the flowers bloom for the first time and can be pruned in May. After the second flowering, pruning is done in June/July. After the third flowering, pruning is done in August. When the flower buds grow out, the flower buds need to be removed at the right time to make them bloom with sufficient nutrients and be able to bloom in batches.

Flower language of Chinese rose(Yue Ji Flower)

Rose flower language: waiting for hope, happiness, glory, beauty and new life. White Rose: It implies respect and lofty. In Japan, white roses (rose) symbolize the love of the father and are the main flower for Father's Day. The white rose bud also symbolizes a girl. In the United States, white symbolizes purity. Red rose: pure love, passion or commendable passion, chastity, etc. People often regard it as a token of love, synonymous with love, and the flower of choice for Valentine's Day. The red rose bud represents cuteness. Americans believe that red rose is a symbol of love, love and courage. Pink rose: first love. Americans believe that pale pink conveys a message of approval or praise, pink represents sadness and noble demeanor, and dark pink expresses gratitude. Black rose: personality and creativity. Blue-purple rose: precious and cherished. Orange rose: full of youthful flavor and beauty. The yellow rose means: apologize, but in the eyes of the French it is jealous or disloyal, while the United States is a symbol of joy and happiness. The green-white rose means: innocence, frugality or innocence.

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