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FAQ of China flower delivery
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Q1:Delivery area

A1:"China Orui Flower" has more than 8,000 excellent national chain delivery florists, and the delivery scope covers all large and medium cities and some counties and towns across the China. After received your order, our local florist will hand-deliver the flower to the address as your requirements. 

Q2:What information is needed to send flowers?

A2:You need to provide the recipient's name, mobile phone number, address, card message and delivery date. When placing an order, just follow the system prompts and fill in.

Q3:Is the flowers I ordered the same as the pictures on the website?

A4:The flowers are designed and packaged by professional florists according to the pictures on the website. Since the flowers are handicrafts, the actual bouquets may be slightly different from the pictures, but we guarantee that the varieties, freshness, quantity, and colors of the main flowers are consistent with the instructions, and the auxiliary materials are lacking. The auxiliary flowers will be replaced by similar ones by default.

Q5:How far in advance to order flowers?

A5:It is generally recommended to order 1-7 days in advance, so that the florist has more time to arrange flowers. On major holidays (214 Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Mother's Day, 520, Qixi Festival, etc.), the price of flower materials will increase, so it is recommended to order more than 7 days in advance.

Q6:How to place an order?

A6:Orders can be placed on the official website ,

Q7:How to do if the flowers are not delivered?

A:7:Because of our reasons, the flowers did not arrive, we will refund the full amount. If the order cannot be delivered due to the recipient's refusal, wrong address, no one to pick up phone, etc., we will not be able to refund you. But we will try our best to finish your order.

Q8:How do I know that the flowers have arrived?

A:8:If there is a signature on the message of the card you placed your order, the recipient will usually contact you as soon as we deliver it. After the flowers are delivered, your order state will be updated.